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Any character created in a fictional genre has to have key elements in order to grow a significant fan base.  First the character has to be relatable, the reader has to be able to connect to the life of the protagonist.

Your popularity, happiness and sense of self-worth depend to no small extent upon your skill in dealing with people. In today's Book of the Week summary we will discuss Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People to help perfect our much-needed people skills.

If you haven't been able to tell by the messages that I've sending I am TV/Movie buff.  I love nothing more than to take a day where I don't have anywhere to go or no honey-do's and binge watch movies or TV shows. 

The Art of War is a book full of great wisdom that applies as much to life as it does warfare.

In the never ending quest to understand the meaning of life, I'm often asked, "How can I know my destiny and God's purpose for my existence?" One of the secrets to knowing your destiny is understanding who, what and why God created you to be.

Figuring out your life's purpose truly begins with knowing and understanding yourself. One of the best ways to begin understanding ourselves is to understand the psychology that governs our thought, behavior and emotional patterns.

Certainly, there are hundreds of specific reasons why people procrastinate. But, in my observation, you can lump all of these reasons into two very simple categories. 

The Hulk placed number 9 on IGN's list of "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes" and fourth on their list of "The Top 50 Avengers", if you are not a comic book geek these facts mean absolutely nothing to you (AT ALL!!!). 

Everything changed in "1973", action movies in the U.S. would never be the same and neither would I. 

I'm thinking the title of this message really got your attention.  Believe it or not there is actually a reality TV show called Naked and Afraid.  I've watched it a few times and I find the premise pretty interesting (please get your mind out of the gutter for a moment, thanks).  The show follows two strangers usually a male and a female, the producers drop them in the middle of nowhere and they have to brave the wilderness to survive for a week (I think its a week).  Now from what I have been able to tell there are a few requisites that the participants must fulfill:

We believe impacting the world in a positive way is easier than most people believe.

First, we work on developing ourselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Then we pass that developed strength on to our families and communities.

And through our families and communities, we change change the world one soul at a time