Best Recommended Books List | Bryant Chambers
Managing Oneself
Peter F. Drucker's Managing Oneself will quite literally change your life for the better. Get this book now!
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Turning Pro
Don't allow resistance to keep you from achieving your dreams. Turn Pro and begin living your dreams!
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The War Of Art
The War of Art is a clear, concise and succinct practical guide for succeeding in any creative sphere.
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Obstacle Is Way
The impediment to action, advances action. The challenges that stand in your way will become your way out!
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The Selfish Gene
If you wish, as I do, to build a society where people treat each other well, you should expect no help from your genes.
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Win Friends
To befriend and influence the world, you must learn how to speak the world's language.
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Happiness Hypothesis
Is it true that what doesn't kill you not only makes you stronger, but can help you achieve happiness?
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Compelling People
Being compelling is about understanding how you project two powerful qualities; strength and warmth.
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7 Principles Marriage
Want to discover whether or not your marriage is doomed to failure in 15 minutes or less? Then read!
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Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, Traction will exponentially improve your business.
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Get big things done, have fun and become massively successful with the principles in #ASKGARYVEE
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Think Grow Rich
Don't give up on your goals, you may be closer to them than you could ever imagine.
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We believe impacting the world in a positive way is easier than most people believe.

First, we work on developing ourselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Then we pass that developed strength on to our families and communities.

And through our families and communities, we change change the world one soul at a time