Unsung, The mighty men of valor

If you haven't been able to tell by the messages that I've sending I am TV/Movie buff.  I love nothing more than to take a day where I don't have anywhere to go or no honey-do's and binge watch movies or TV shows. 


The only thing that makes the experience better is if I can find something on TV that my wife enjoys watching too.  Its a real challenge finding shows that we both like, she is more lifetime and Oprah network and I'm more ESPN and FX Channel.  But every now and again will find something that catches our attention and it is bliss.  One such TV series is called Unsung.  It chronicles the rise and fall of some of the biggest music stars of the 70's, 80's, and 90's.  The draw for us is that the musicians that the show spotlights made harmonies that we grew up to.

Stacy Lattisaw, Johnny Gill, Patrice Rushen, Melba Moore, Al B. Sure, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Angela Bofill, Angie Stone and list just goes on and on.  We have literally lost entire days watching these stories and reminiscing about where we were and what we were doing when these songs came out.  We sing along and the kids come in the room look at us funny and walk out not able to grasp the depth of the moment (sorry, I got a little distracted).  The cool thing about the show is that it focuses on how these artists experienced the lowest point in their lives and careers and somehow they were able to rise from the ashes.  Some rediscovered themselves, some reinvented themselves but all survived.  It made me think about a dude in the Bible named Jephthah, (Judges 11:1-33). 

Here is what we know about Jephthah, first he is described as a "mighty man of valour", this description is usually reserved for someone who has proved themselves in Battle.  We know that his Dad is named Gilead and he is from the tribe of Manassah and the tribe of Gad. You should know by now that these messages have a curb ball embedded in them just to make sure that you are paying attention so here it is, Jephthah's Mom was a Harlot (prostitute in modern terms).  Now Jephthah's father had a wife who bore him other Son's.  Jephthah's brother eventually turned on him and cast him out of his father's house because they did not want to share an inheritance with the brother who was the son of a strange woman.  Jephthah left his home and went to live in the land of Tob, when he arrived he was surrounded by vain and worthless people. 

Check this out, after Jephtah leaves Israel, a rival people decide to declare war against them.  Hmmm, who are they going find to lead their army, to protect their land and prevail over the Ammonites?  You guessed right and here is the beauty of it, the elders had to go to Tob and beg Jephthah to come back to be their savior.  There will be times in your life when you feel rejected by those closest to you. Circumstances may separate you from those who do not appreciate who you are and how you add value to their lives.  People will judge you harshly because of where you come from or who you are related to.  But remember who you really are, God's creation, his masterpiece.  No matter what anyone says or does God has created you in his image and has a great work and a great inheritance in store for you. 

If you are currently living in Tob with negative people hanging around you, take heart God does not intend for you to be there long.  Just long enough to set the stage for your triumph.  Wondering what happened to Jephthah?  He defeated the Ammonites and ended up being a Judge (ruler) of Israel for many years.  Ok, now I'm off to see if I can catch this weeks episode of Unsung. 

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