Your popularity, happiness and sense of self-worth depend to no small extent upon your skill in dealing with people. In today's Book of the Week summary we will discuss Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People to help perfect our much-needed people skills.

In other words, your overall success greatly depends on other people and if you try to live your life as a loner, you will only attain the amount of success you are able to amass by yourself (which isn't much)

I believe Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People makes this point it's focus and then gives the reader some excellent tips on how to ensure you are developing your skills to deal with other people.

Here are the four most important points I believe the book makes to the reader:

  1. Don't Be A Jerk - Instead of criticism and negativity, try to understand where other people are coming from regardless of how crazy their ideas may sound.

  2. Consider Others Greater Than Yourself - Be a good listener and become genuinely interested in other people. If you only care about you and making yourself look good, you won't have many people around to help you succeed.

  3. Show Respect For Other's Views - Let people think what they want. It's not your job to convince people that you are right or they are wrong.

  4. Be a Leader - Soften the Blow of critique. Being a leader is about being a servant to those you lead. You bear the brunt of the crap that rolls down hill and protect your people at all times.

With respect, there is absolutely no way I could condense all the outstanding information in this book into four key takeaways. However, with these points in mind you'll be well on your way to fostering better personal and professional relationships. Relationships you'll need if you ever want to achieve your goals and live the good life as God intended. 

Dale Carnegie delivers the gospel of how to be an influential and well-respected person. Author: Dale Carnegie
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