The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Book Summary

The Art of War is a book full of great wisdom that applies as much to life as it does warfare.

Warfare is a great metaphor for life and if you take that approach to the book, you will see many connections between what Sun-Tzu says about managing the battlefield and winning wars and succeeding in any area of your life.

Since my goal is to help people know themselves, know their life's purpose, achieve their life's purpose and help others to do the same, I've broken the book down into 5 key points that you to can apply to your daily routine today.

Knowledge of Self - "One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in 100 engagements"

If I've begun to sound like a broken record with this "know thyself" concept then I know I am doing what I promised you when I started this project. Knowledge of self is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your toolkit. Any person consistently dedicated to discovering more about themselves will find their path in life to be much less difficult to understand and traverse.

Vision - Your Tao (Way or Vision) is what will attract people you and inspire them to follow your lead.

Ever heard the quote, "without a vision the people perish?" It couldn't be more true. Without a clear vision for your life, you'll spend a good amount of time lost trying to find your way and you certainly will not have the influence necessary to lead those whom God has called you to lead.

Alliances - "One who does not know the intent of the rulers of the land and it's landscape will not be able to make the proper alliances before taking on a new challenge."

You'll find this proverb to be vital to your professional success. Always go to war with a multitude of counselors and always know what is important to the people in authority around you. Without this knowledge, you won't know how to properly navigate your professional landscape.

Leadership - "A general that treats his troops as his very own beloved children will have troops that are willing to lay down their lives for him.

When it comes to your leadership, if you treat your people as you would your very own children, they will be willing to follow you to the ends of hell and back. This doesn't mean you treat your people as children. It simply means you care for them, protect them and provide them with every asset necessary to ensure their success in life, business, or otherwise.

Strategy - Double down on what's working. If it is not advantageous, don't move.

This is a concept that so few people seem to understand in life. Many times, after achieving any measure of success, many people will begin to experiment with other unproven practices. Take a page from the playbook of a wise old football coach, "If you run a play and it works, keep running it until the defense stops it."

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