If you fail too much at something, you will build a mindset of failure. To succeed, you need to build a mindset of success by placing yourself in the best position to succeed.

Figure Out Your Goals Before You Take Action

I went to college on an Army ROTC scholarship. But, I never really wanted to be in the Army. My real dream was to be a professional football player.

In the Army, you have to take physical fitness tests (APFT) on a semi-regular basis. Part of the Army's PT test is a two-mile run.

When I first got to the ROTC program, I was killing the PT test because I weighed 185 pounds and had just finished my last season of track in high school. You could say I was in shape to run.

But remember, my goal was to be a football player.

Training For The NFL

As such, I began to train in a much different fashion. I needed to be bigger to play Safety at the college level, so I began eating more heavily, focusing more on weight training and neglecting my running a bit (a bad decision even for a football player).

I also did my fair share of partying (arguably too much partying and not enough working).

Thirty pounds heavier, I found it difficult to run the way the Army wanted me to. So I began to fail PT tests on a regular basis.

This went on for the better part of a year and a half. By the middle of my Junior year, I had given up on my football dream and started working to get back into Army shape (I had also quit partying).

Even though I got in pretty good shape, I still couldn't pass the run on the PT test. Why? Because I had built over a years worth of failures into my mind.

Mentors Can Change Your Life

Thankfully, I had a senior instructor name Richard who was bent on getting me in the right frame of mind. Especially because our Battalion Commander had mandated that all Juniors pass the PT test by a certain date or our scholarships would be revoked.

Richard began training with me and even took the final PT test with me. When I began to hit the mental block during the run, he pushed me through the barrier and helped me get across the finish line with a win.

Richard is the reason I was able to turn things around. I then started to build a mindset of success. I knew if I could win just once, that I could continue winning if I kept my mind in the right place.

That's my motivation to you today. Start building mental maps of success. To do so, you also need to make sure you are doing the right things in your life. See my video and blog on How Your Personality Type Can Predict Your Future for more info on that.

We are stronger than i.