Finding love as an ENTJ can be tough if you don't no where or how to look. In this week's How to Survive as an ENTJ episode, we cover methods to help you find your significant other.

Understanding the fact that we as humans are often attracted to our opposite or complementary personality types can really help us in the search for the optimal mate.

We also need to dismiss the notion that there is any such thing as a perfect mate. Our personalities and experiences are far to nuanced for all of our expectations to be met 24/7 in a relationship.

Further, we have to accept that the BS Hollywood and the media have been feeding us about relationships is actually damaging our ability to foster healthy ones. We have to know that our individual happiness cannot be the overall goal of entering a relationship. The goal has to be to build a unity that makes the couple stronger together than they could have been individually alone.

The beauty is that when we chase a shared purpose with our mates, we end up building a healthy relationship and thus find the happiness we were seeking all along.