ENTJ Cognitive Functions Explained

Many people feel the Myers Briggs personality test is wildly inaccurate. The reality is that our personalities are extremely nuanced and hard to really pin down.

However, understanding our our hardwired Cognitive Functions may help us better understand some of the dichotomies in our personality types.

Here are the ENTJ cognitive functions in order of strength:

Te - Extroverted Thinking - Making Efficient Decisions

Ni - Introverted Intuition - How we process and store info

Se - Extroverted Sensing - Helping us manage the hypothetical and practical all at once.

Fi - Introverted Feeling - Keeping our stronger emotions to ourselves and processing said emotions internally.

There are certainly many tests you can take to understand your personality. In fact, I recommend you take them all. however, for the purpose of today's discussion I'm going to focus on the Myers Briggs test covered in the book Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types and on Human Metrics. I have no specific bias toward the myers briggs test, I use it simply because I am most familiar with the personality types covered in their system.

The Myers Briggs test will help you determine if you are an:

Extrovert (E) or an Introvert (I) - Do you draw energy from connecting with others (extravert) or from being in isolation (introvert)?

Intuitor (N) or a Sensor (S) - Do you focus on facts, the five senses and the present (sensor) or do you rely on your intuition with a focus on possibilities for the future (intuitor)?

Thinker (T) or a Feeler (F) - Are you people-oriented (feeler) or logic-oriented (thinker) when it comes to your decision-making process?

Judgor (J) or a Perceiver (P) - Are you a decisive person who likes to get right to the bottom line (judgor) or someone who likes to keep their options open (perceiver)?

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