Knowing what you want to do in life starts by asking yourself the right questions. Don't waste another day of your life wondering what you should be doing. Ask yourself these questions and let the answers guide you to the good life as God intended for you.

The Army is such an efficient organization that even an average person can excel if they are willing to adopt it's principles. Those who adapt best see very little failure throughout their careers.

If you fail too much at something, you will build a mindset of failure. To succeed, you need to build a mindset of success by placing yourself in the best position to succeed.

If you ever want to succeed in life, you must learn to focus on your desires while taking your focus off of your pain. Pain is a natural part of progress, but if you focus on it, you will lose site of your dream.

Most young boys want to grow up to be like their heroes.  Some want to grow up to be Firemen, Police Officers, Soldiers, Doctors or Cowboys others want to be secret agents or Karate Masters.  We watch these figures on TV and we associate them with bravery and courage.  They run into burning buildings to save cats and dogs, they pull children out of cars that are submerged, they chase down the bad guys and save the damsel in distress.  There are certain characters that embody all of the elements of the good guys, such is the case with Col. Steve Austin.  As far as I'm concerned he is one of the coolest small screen stars of all time, lets check his resume.  Steve is an Astronaut who has walked on the moon, he is a pilot who has flown some of the fastest planes ever made, he is a small town guy with down home values. 

Any character created in a fictional genre has to have key elements in order to grow a significant fan base.  First the character has to be relatable, the reader has to be able to connect to the life of the protagonist.

Your popularity, happiness and sense of self-worth depend to no small extent upon your skill in dealing with people. In today's Book of the Week summary we will discuss Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People to help perfect our much-needed people skills.

If you haven't been able to tell by the messages that I've sending I am TV/Movie buff.  I love nothing more than to take a day where I don't have anywhere to go or no honey-do's and binge watch movies or TV shows. 

The Art of War is a book full of great wisdom that applies as much to life as it does warfare.

In the never ending quest to understand the meaning of life, I'm often asked, "How can I know my destiny and God's purpose for my existence?" One of the secrets to knowing your destiny is understanding who, what and why God created you to be.


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