6 Reasons An Entrepreneur Must Build A Strong Personal Brand

In 2018 and beyond, gone are the days where entrepreneurs can run their businesses from an ivory tower where their customers cannot reach them. We now live in a world where clients and customers not only want to hear from the leadership of the businesses they patronize, they demand it.

Let's cut to the chase. Here are 6 reasons entrepreneurs must build a strong personal brand.

1. Your Personal Brand Is Your Business' Reputation

- Remember when people boycotted Chic-Fil-A because their owner stood against LGBT rights? This is what we mean. Your reputation will continue to be a major factor in people deciding whether or not they want to do business with you.

2. You Can't Hide From Your Customers

- Social Media has removed your ability to be a recluse in business. People will find out about you. It's best that you present the person you want them to know with your own message.

3. Selling Is About Building Trust And Rapport With You

- At the end of the day, your clients don't buy your products. They buy you. Presenting a trustworthy, value-adding personal brand can help you sell in a much more powerful way.

4. You Can Reach More People

- Do I need to expound on this?

5. The More We Become Like The Jetsons, The More Businesses Who Behave Like The Flintstones Will Win

- Shouts out to Gary Vee. The bottom line here is that businesses that incorporate oldschool service techniques into how they care for customers will win much more than businesses who don't. As we get more futuristic, we will get more isolated. We need to establish ourselves as trusted advisors that people want to let into their bubble.

6. Life After Your Business

- Bill Gates is better known as Bill Gates today, than as the founder of Microsoft. He made this possible with a strong, public-facing personal brand.

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