How I Used Facebook Real Estate Ads to Help DC Area Agent Move Property for Less Than $50

In this article, I will give you the three-step process I used to help my real estate agent friend move a beautiful condo in Howard County Maryland for under $50.

1. Understand Everything About Your Ideal Customer

This is the number one advantage I've used in every successful Facebook ad I've run for my clients and for myself!

Before you start working about graphics and copywriting, you have to know who you want to attract with your ad. The more you know about them, the more information you can give Facebook to help you find them and save money when converting them to interested buyers, sellers, or renters.

I've included a picture of the targeting I used for the ad in this tutorial. Pay very close attention to how specific I was in describing the potential customer.

Location: Notice we were looking for people within 20 Miles of Fort Meade, Maryland

Age: We did not get too specific with age and you'll see why in a moment.

People Who Match: We were clearly looking for military or federal service employees. This is why we didn't worry too much about age. For example, a 27-year-old Army Captain could be earning more than an enlisted service-member 10 years older than her.

Narrowing Down: After we established that we were looking for military or federal civilian employees, we further narrowed our search to people who were actually looking for a new place to live. One of the great things about working with military folks is that they are constantly moving and looking for a new home and the military pays them to find it.

If you don't get anything else I tell you in this post correct, this information alone will get you 85% of the way to success.

2. Showing is Better Than Telling

Remember, your potential customer needs to be able to picture themselves in their new home or apartment. Make sure you have clear, vibrant, pictures of the property you want to sell.

Admittedly, the pictures I'm showing below are not as great as they could be. This is a testament to how well we targeted interested clients in step one!

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3. And Telling is Still Important

After you've caught the attention of your prospect with beautiful pictures of their new home, you'll need to tell them the details that will further enhance their excitement.

If you did an amazing job in step one, this step will become exponentially easier.

Remember, you are not selling or renting them the house with this ad. You are only selling them on getting in contact with you. Therefore, the copy you write for this ad needs to be laser focused on your prospect picking up the phone or shooting you an email.

With that in mind, your number and email address need to be easily referenced in your copy.

Your writing also needs to pitch the benefits of buying or renting your property. Make it conversational and make it more about them than the house. Notice my opening sentence below. It starts with "You," it tells them how much they'll love the property, it addresses who they are (Military or DoD), and it includes the price and means to contact me all above the "read more" line.

If the person reading the ad is a qualified client, they are picking up the phone to call my client as soon as they can.

This is where most marketing experts would tack on what I like to call filler content to make this process seem more daunting than it is. But, the truth is, if you get these three simple steps right, you are 95% of the way to closing your next client using Facebook ads.

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