YouTube Algorithm Secrets Revealed - Get More Views And Subscribers Now!

A not-so-secret, but certainly not-heavily-shared Google Research Paper reveals how deep machine learning and nural networks control what you see on YouTube. Fortunately, we've translated the nerdspeak into 8 simple steps you can take to get explosive growth on your YouTube channel right now.

What have you done for me lately?

The Google Research paper revealed that YouTube consistently observes that users prefer fresh content, though not at the expense of relevance.

This quite possibly explains why you hear other YouTube gurus stress the need for regular uploading. It suggests that the issue is not so much the algorithm penalizing your channel for not uploading often, but that YouTube has an incentive to promote things that are new based on user behavior.

Watch time on embedded videos counts

When the YouTube Algorithm is deciding which of the several million videos it's going to show your viewers, it takes watch time and watch session time (total time spent on YouTube) into consideration. However, according to this research paper, it also takes into account watch time gained on embedded videos on outside sites.

This is awesome because you can embed your YouTube video on a site that already gets tons of traffic (Reddit, Twitter, Your Popular Blog Site) and take advantage of the engagement to grow your YouTube channel.

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Steal the let's play model

If you are not a video game fan or are new to YouTube, you may not know what let's plays are. The short explanation is that let's plays work like TV series where a specific video game is a subject matter

The bottom line for you is that YouTube viewers like to watch series in order and complete. Regardless of the type of content you make, you can use this serialized method to keep your viewers watching your videos and spending more time on YouTube. This will help your channel grow and give you increased opportunities to connect with new and existing clients.

Viewers discover broad topics and then get specific

In my Social Media Marketing Course, I teach a video creation method called "Piggy Backing." It means to take concepts that are already popular and repurpose them to serve the message you want to spread.

This is necessary because very few YouTube viewers are coming to the platform to search for niche material. Further, the ones that are will be shown on other channels that dominate yours in terms of popularity. By Piggy-Backing on a topic that's already popular, you can ethically siphon a ton of views from already popular creators.

Understand what your specific audience wants to watch

This is important because YouTube is tracking not only what your potential viewers are watching, but what they are searching for. YouTube will feed viewers content based on what it knows from the searches they conduct on the site.

Neglect your YouTube analytics at your own peril

Not only does YouTube care about what your potential viewers are watching and searching for, they also care about what they are doing on your channel.

YouTube will decide whether or not to show one of your loyal viewers one of your new videos based upon what they've watched (or not watched) in the past. Make sure you use your analytics to show you what's working and then capitalize on this. I teach an entire segment on using your YouTube Analytics in my Social Media Ninja Academy

The real reason thumbnails are so important

Every YouTube guru on the internet - including me - stresses the importance of having great thumbnails.

But why?

Simple. YouTube will often promote one of your videos on a potential viewer's home screen. Woe to you if that viewer chooses another channel's video over yours. YouTube takes note of that and will demote your video in future sessions. Your Thumbnail is the single most important piece of getting viewers on phones to actually watch your video. Don't neglect this very important feature.

Don't forget to make dope content

When I was just starting out, I used to hate when people told me this. It seems so obvious. But, now that I've been in the game for a while, I look at the advice differently.

"Great Content" is not as subjective as it may sound. Understanding how to make great content is really about having a strong empathetic understanding of what your audience wants. If you can tap into that, it won't matter what type of camera or lighting system you use to film. You will have viewers for life.

Here's where you can grab that not-heavily-shared Google Research Paper I spoke about earlier. Enjoy!

YouTube Algorithm

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