How To Get More Leads On YouTube In 2018

Growing a YouTube channel so that you can attract more viewers for your work or leads for your business does not have to be hard.

Unfortunately, an unbalanced focus on growth instead of serving a specific community have derailed many creators and businesses from reaching their goals. This video tutorial is designed to get you back on track

I've been blessed to grow my YouTube channel by almost 2,000 new followers every month with an average of four new videos in the same time. My formula is not difficult, but it takes a commitment to know your audience and a willingness to do the work.

Be sure to check out my other blog where I break down the Secrets of YouTube's Algorithm. It will help you understand some of the technical specifics that aren't covered in this video.

Here's the list of steps covered in the video

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast In 2018

  1. 1. Realize The Growth Hacks Are BS
  2. 2. Make Up Your Mind That You Will Do Whatever It Takes To Reach Your Goals
  3. 3. Set Specific Goals
  4. 4. Understand What Makes Content Go Viral
  5. 5. You Have To Make Enough Content To Give You Enough Chances To Go Viral
  6. 6. Quality Is Not Audio/Visual, It's Knowing What Your Audience Wants
Writer: Bryant Chambers Focus: Using YouTube To Grow Your Small Business

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