How To Market Your eCommerce Store on Social Media

I've spent several years selling products and services for my business and for my clients' businesses. Today I want to share my marketing success roadmap to help you sell tons of products while avoiding all of the mistakes I made along the way.

eCommerce Marketing Tip #1: Set The Stage For Success By Knowing What Business You're Really In

Tony Robbins once taught me that my degree of success in my business was directly related to how I framed my business to myself. When I struggled, it was because I was not that my products and services were the best. I thrived when I was fully convinced that my products and services would blow my clients away. Being able to believe that your business is the best solution for your clients starts with knowing what business you are really in.

How do you do this? Take a look at your endgame and the specific problems you solve.

If you are running an Etsy store selling t-shirts with funny 80s movie quotes, you are not in the fashion business. You are in the business of creating enjoyable, nostalgic, and social experiences for your customers.

eCommerce Marketing Tip #2: Feel Your Customer's Pain and Commit To Removing It

It's never the best product that sells best. It's always the best-marketed product.

If you want to sell, you have to have an intense and intimate knowledge of the pain your customers are going through. This knowledge will help you create an excellent product or service that's much easier to market.

I've watched too many entrepreneurs struggle to sell because they try to sell their generic product to a mass audience.

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eCommerce Marketing Tip #3: Launch Before You Are Ready

Too many of my solopreneur clients wait until their product is perfect before they test it in the market. You definitely don't want to put out a crap product, but you do want to test it as soon as it's good enough to sell.

In combat, I regularly had to operate with limited information. My dad, a career combat soldier, taught me that 40% of the story is all you need to execute the mission. With that much intel, you can fight and adjust on the fly. Don't wait so long that your product is no longer relevant before you test it.

Even if your sales flop at first, you're going to get some valuable feedback from customers to inform how you should move forward. And you'd definitely rather realize early that the market doesn't want your product than have it flop after 5 years of expensive research and development.

eCommerce Marketing Tip #4: That Said, Don't Try To Sell a Crap Product

Launching before you are ready is almost always amazing advice. The one exception to the rule is for those entrepreneurs who are just trying to make a quick buck by peddling a nonsense product to a market who doesn't want it.

Don't forget to actually create a dope product. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it must actually solve your customer's painful problem in a convenient and excellent way before you launch.

eCommerce Marketing Tip #5: Learn As Much As You Can About The Social Media Platforms That Will Help You Attract New Clients

We'd all love to have a Gary Vaynerchuk film crew following us around with cameras so that we can publish nonstop content on every social media platform out there. Unfortunately, most of us don't have that type of budget.

But don't worry, it doesn't take much research to know which Social Media platforms will serve your business best. Once you figure that out, learn everything you can about how to market in that space.

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eCommerce Marketing Tip #6: Practice Practice Practice

You will definitely want to hire a consultant once your business is earning enough revenue to afford a good one (please don't hire the $300-per-month-consultants-who-outsource-your-project-to-the-Phillipines companies). But while you are bootstrapping, I want you to get experience writing blogs, running Facebook ad campaigns, creating YouTube videos, etc. Experience is the mother of skill. The better you get at running your own marketing, the better consultants you'll be able to attract when you need to hire one

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