Personal Branding Tips For Real Estate Agents And Brokers

Do you know the primary reason why a client will buy or list a house with you as their agent? It's trust in your reputation. In the modern world, it's no longer good enough to just know your craft and live up to your fiduciary responsibilities. You have to be able to build massive trust. In an always-online world, this can either be easy or incredibly hard.

Keep reading and I'll show you how to make it easy by building and broadcasting your personal brand using your website and social media.

I used to serve as an agent and property manager in the luxury commercial real estate industry and I can tell you that we took our brand very seriously. Doing so led to us earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year for our clients. Do not neglect this important information.

Personal Branding Tip For Real Estate Agents #1 - Know Thyself

The great general Sun Tzu once said, "The person that knows their enemy and knows themselves will never need to fear the outcome of 100 battles."

When I coach clients, I rephrase this to say, "The entrepreneur that has great self-awareness and intimate knowledge of the problem they are trying to solve, will never lose in business.

When you have strong self-awareness (i.e. your personality, your values, your motivations, your skills, and your passions), it's much easier to figure out who your dream clients should be and how you will best serve them. This works well because you will probably seek out clients that share your values. And science has taught us that we most like people who are like us. Therefore, your dream clients are probably going to see you as their dream agent and want to work with you based on this strong affinity.

Personal Branding Tip For Real Estate Agents #2 - Know Thy Enemy

The second half of Sun Tzu's quote dealt with our enemies. In your case, your enemy is not a person or a competitor, but the challenge you and your client will face together.

The challenge will ultimately be helping them find a home that meets their needs, desires, and budget, or helping them sell a home for a fair price that lets them turn a profit. This is where intimate knowledge of your business, your market, and your fiduciary duties come into play.

Be the expert your clients need.

Personal Branding Tip For Real Estate Agents #3 - Understand Your Brand

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says, "Your brand is what people say about you when you are not around." Think about that. What do people say about you? Hopefully great things.

Your brand is your reputation. It's little more than an extension of who you are. The better you can understand yourself and how you are positioned to help your clients overcome their challenges, the better you will be suited to develop an outstanding personal brand as a real estate agent.

There's a great assessment you can take to find out more about what type of brand you own called the Brand Fascination Assessment. Definitely take the assessment after you finish reading this blog.

Personal Branding Tip For Real Estate Agents #4 - Understanding Your Dream Clients

Your broker may have already shown you how to build what's called an "avatar" for your dream clients. An avatar is a simple diagram that helps you map out your client's demographics, psychographics, needs, desires, and challenges. Intimate knowledge of these client characteristics will make sure you are almost always working with clients you love to serve.

Neglect this step, and you will have a much weaker value proposition to a potential client.

Personal Branding Tip For Real Estate Agents #5 - Share Valuable Information Online

One of the easiest ways to establish yourself as an authority in your market is to produce regular valuable content on your website and social media platforms.

Research the problems your clients are facing then position yourself as the solution to those problems.

Have you taken a client through the short sale process? If so, you know very well how hard that is for them and their families. You could produce a video explaining the most effective ways to get through it without destroying their credit or losing their minds.

Have you helped a military veteran buy a home using the VA loan process? You could create a video showing military retirees looking to buy a home how to get the most value out of the deal.

You can help a client advertise their house by setting up a webpage using the home address as the website URL. Then you could have professional shots taken of each of the furnished rooms and post them to the site (furnished rooms are important because buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the house).

If you make content like this on a regular, predictable basis, you will have an endless supply of people wanting to work with you.

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