INFJ Personality Type - Why You Beat Yourself Up And How To Stop NOW!
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Why INFJ Personality types continue to beat yourselves up and how to stop doing it NOW!


These will give you a better idea for potential ways you process information and make decisions


Ni is the way that an NiFe perceives their inner world, it dictates the way they store information and how they perceive that information. It also heavily dictates the path that their train of thought will take. Ni tends to store information in a spread out way with all the pieces of data having connections of various strengths to multiple additional pieces of data. This creates a dense web-like mass of information that is too large to be viewed in detail as a whole, but can be zoomed in on to show intricate clusters and threads of thoughts. This network of data rests slightly outside of the conscious mind, giving Ni a dreamlike quality that is equally likely to be experienced in images and impressions as it is to produce concrete facts. Because the focus of the Ni perception is constantly scanning the whole but also frequently zooming in on various thoughts and feelings and changing angles on a subject, Ni dominant people tend to experience their inner world as constantly fluctuating.


Fe is the NiFe’s first extroverted function, so this is the function that the NiFe is most likely to use when interacting with the outer world and it is the filter through which they receive communication from the rest of the world. Fe is also the way that the NiFe processes their emotions. This function serves Ni and is primarily focused on other people.


Ti makes decisions based on logic and operates internally. Ti helps to stabilize the shifty nature of Ni and helps the NiFe to interpret their Ni connections in a sensible way. This function can help them to fully understand the connections that Ni makes outside of the conscious realm.


Se is the NiFe’s last and least developed function. This function is what perceives the outer world as stable, concrete, and structured. It’s also the function that helps an NiFe to be aware of their surroundings, appreciate beauty, be fully present in the moment, and feel connected to the physical world. This function is operating at a low level on the NiFe’s awareness radar and gives them only the minimum input required for the tasks they are doing unless the NiFe actively engages this function. Unfortunately for the NiFe, they can experience the outer world as overwhelming and stressful if they spend too much time actively taking in outside stimulus, or if real world facts and data escalate to an intensity that demands the NiFe’s full focus.

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