The H Factor of Personality by Kimbeom Lee and Michael C. Ashton

The H Factor Of Personality by Kimbeom Lee & Michael C. Ashton


Are you aware the most of our personality is genetically coded in our DNA and not necessarily the result of life experience or learned characteristics?

GIST: There are 6 primary dimensions that define our personality. Understanding them will help us better navigate the world, find success, and live happily.


1. The 6 Factors Of Personality Are: [H]onestly and Humility - [E]motionality - e[X]traversion - [A]greeableness [C]onsientiousness [O]penness to New Experience

2. Our Personalities are more Inherited Than Learned according to scientific studies dating back to the 1930s.

As I always say, Self-Awareness is the foundation of all success and happiness. This book will help you develop a much stronger understanding of yourself using one what I believe is the most powerful personality tool on the market right now. The HEXACO test.

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