The Greatest Minds And Ideas of All Time by Will Durant

The Greatest Minds And Ideas of All Time by Will Durant


The title says it all. Don't hesitate. Read this book ASAP.

This week we will focus on how to accelerate your life progress by learning from the world's greatest thinkers. In The Greatest Minds And Ideas Of All Time, Will Durant once again wows us by capturing some of the most powerful knowledge from humanity's history.

This is another very short book you should be able to read in a day or two.

I recommend reading this one from cover to cover. One of the best bonuses included in the book is Will's list of some of the greatest books of all time.

Build a business or a better you by understanding models. A successful business model, just like a successful model for relationships is necessary if you want to succeed in business and in life.

I don't want to risk spoiling anything in the book, so I will keep this overview short.

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