Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gittomer

Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gittomer


Selling is about giving value to your clients. Learn how to do it the right way from one of the world's best, Jeffrey Gittomer.

Most people have a negative opinion of what it means to sell. What these folks don't realize is that every aspect of your life is selling.

You may not be selling a product or a service as a business, but you are always and forever selling yourself. And selling yourself is about giving value to other people first.

Jeffrey Gittomer is a master at this. And while he coaches people on how to build better businesses with sales, he uses this book as a sneaky way to help all of us become better people.

And I can speak from personal experience. Jeffrey not only helped me grow my business, but he reached out to me personally on numerous occasions (including Christmas morning) to give me encouragement to keep building and changing people's lives.

Learn how to sell!

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