69 Pillars Of Success

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1. You Are What You Think


2. The 5 Pillars Of Self Awareness


3. Acceptance Is The Key To Your Freedom


4. Situational Awareness: A Combat Commander's Greatest Weapon


5. Attention To Detail Will Save Your Life


6. Your Focus Is Your Reality


7. Thank Your Struggles


8. Start With The End In Mind


9. Don't Die In Your Foxhole


10. You Are What You Answer To


11. There Are No Shortcuts (Stop Chasing Ishmael)


12. It's Not The Strongest Or The Smartest Who Survive


13. Wooing The Art Teacher


14. Prioritize And Execute


15. You Attract What You Are


16. Stay In Your Lane


17. Love Is A Choice, Not A Feeling


18. True Humility


19. If You Are Unwilling To Fight For Your People, You Are Unfit To Lead Them


20. Rich Boss Poor Boss


21. Why Will Smith Studies History


22. Why Bad Things Happen To Bood People


23. Are You Desperate Enough To Succeed


24. What If You Only Had 10 Years To Live?


25. There's Always Another Train Coming


26. Stop Talking About Your Problems And Start Speaking To Them


27. Pain Shared Is Pain Divided


28. Assume Noble Intent


29. Noblese Oblige


30. Don't Always Attack Your Problems Head On


31. The Only Way To Change Other People


32. Avoid The Money Trap


33. Don't Major In Minors


34. The Purpose Of Leadership


35. Motivation Is A Lie


36. It's Better To Give Than To Receive


37. Your 6 Human Needs


38. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged


39. What A Jazz Musician Taught Me About Respect


40. The Cure For Anger


41. What To Do When Things Don't Go Your Way


42. Life Is Always Happening For You; Never To You


43. Take Every Opportunity To Praise Those Around You


44. Accept Criticism And Consider The Source


45. Focus On What You Want


46. If You Ever Feel Sorry For Yourself, Do This


47. All Great People Are Hero Worshippers


48. Perspective Is Everything


49. Move With Purpose


50. Make No Apologies For How God Made You


51. Whose Voice Will You Listen To?


52. Execute Quickly - Anticipate Patiently


53. You Are In Control


54. Don't Let Perfection Keep You From Success


55. Intent Is Everything


56. Reasoning With The Reptile


57. A Good Name Is Better Than Riches


58. Life And Death Is In The Power Of Your Tongue


59. Go To War With A Multitude Of Counselors


60. You Can't Truly Love Others Until You Love Yourself


61. One Is Greater Than Zero


62. The Real Definition Of Courage


63. See The Whole Picture Before You Take Action


64. Don't Let Go Until You Get Your Blessing


65. How To Beat Self Doubt


66. Analyze Your Successes And Failures


67. Your Two Most Attractive Qualities


68. How To Overcome Fear Forever


69.Your Dreams Will Come True If You Do This


Bonus Videos


70. BONUS VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger's 10 Rules Of Success


We believe impacting the world in a positive way is easier than most people believe.

First, we work on developing ourselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Then we pass that developed strength on to our families and communities.

And through our families and communities, we change change the world one soul at a time