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ENTJ Mating
Your individual happiness is not the purpose of a loving relationship. But you can be happy if you build it right.
ENTJ Commander
We ENTJs can be strong leaders, but our wiring can sometimes put us in situations where we feel out of place.
Rant Hillary Waste
This is a classic example of how the "news" media preys on your psychology and sells you stuff at the same time.
We must identify and visit our personal sanctuaries on a daily basis in order to have the strength to win at life
The One Thing
The quality of your life is directly tied to the questions you ask yourself.
Monday Motivation
Army Business
Had I paid closer attention, the Army would have taught me valuable business lessons.
The One Thing
To have habitual success, you must build mental maps of success.
Monday Motivation
To win, stay focused on your goals, not your pain.
Mentor Tips
Check out my mentor's 3 tips to build a multi-million dollar business
One Thing

We believe impacting the world in a positive way is easier than most people believe.

First, we work on developing ourselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Then we pass that developed strength on to our families and communities.

And through our families and communities, we change change the world one soul at a time